Transforming industrial mineral resources into the building blocks of modern civilization

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More Than Industrial Minerals

Active Minerals International focuses on innovative industrial mineral solutions for today’s technologically advanced world. We are an award winning environmentally responsible company, dedicated to conserving resources, reclaiming mined land and leaving the Earth a better place. Through mines, processing plants, and storage facilities in the United States, Asia, Australia, Europe and Latin America, we target the production of high quality industrial minerals and mineral products that are used by industries and organizations across the world. AMI is the largest supplier of air float kaolin, and gel quality attapulgite.
Our patented Acti-Gel® 208product line is used around the world.
Acti-Gel® 208 is used in heavy industrial applications in mining, construction, petroleum production and coatings.  Our knowledgeable and dedicated teams of scientists, geologists, engineers, chemists, sales personnel, and customer service professionals ensure we supply quality competitively priced minerals.

We Focus on the Environment


One of Active Minerals International’s most important goals is to develop mining and processing practices that support a sustainable earth. Learn More